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2023 Election Might Be The Biggest Election In History Of Nigeria




This is the first time in a Democratic government that a forthcoming election is being talked about three years prior to the elections.


Everyone is taking it seriously, especially the youths. Young and older celebrities in Nigeria are using their voices and platforms to spread awareness and the importance of getting the Nigerian Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC) early, as if it is done like that, nothing can make your vote invalid.

In 2015 elections, there were divisions among the electorates, as Nigerians took two major parties seriously. Those parties were APC and PDP with their presidential candidates, Muhammadu Buhari and Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. There was a great division among the electorates, as the Southerners, Easterners and few of the Westerners were vying for Goodluck to come back for second term. But the populated Northerners and most of the Westerners wanted a change of government, as they stopped seeing Goodluck Jonathan as a man that could handle the affairs if the country.


After the election, though some of the votes were invalid and many people did not come out to vote, Buhari won the elections. As his slogan went “Change,” that was what people were expecting. But, after four years in office, we failed to see the tangible thing his government did for its citizens and we even incurred more debts. In 2019, Buhari contested for second term in office, alongside PDP’s candidate, Abubakar Atiku. Both candidates were nothing to write home about, though there was still a great division as to who should be given the opportunity to lead Nigeria.

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Most citizens were tired of bad governance and since there was nobody they deemed fit to lead a country with the largest population in Africa, most people did not come out to vote. After the 2019 elections, Buhari won and came back for second tenure, Nigeria became worse than it has ever been. Many Nigerians, especially the youths were living in silent pain. Even with the certificates of graduates, there were no jobs anywhere, so, most people either lived off their parents or fed from hand to mouth. Many atrocities were committed by authorities and were overlooked because they were authorities, Nigerian accumulated more foreign debts. Nothing was working out. Our economy was choking us because prices became inflated.

Though, the rate at which Nigeria imported goods reduced, it took it’s toll on the citizens. Then, the men with the uniforms started their own. They allocated brutal punishment to innocent citizens, took away the little money we had by force and even killed innocent citizens of the country. Showed uneccessary superiority over trivial matters and disturbed our security.


People were more afraid of the Nigerian police than armed robbers because their actions were cruel and ridiculous. They seized every opportunity to exploit citizens and violate rights, using the uniform to depict immunity. Young innocent citizens of Nigerian died like fowls. Nigerians kept piling their atrocities up, trying to see if they could still survive the country, as that is what we were subconsciously trained to do, adapt and survive.n

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In 2020, the spread of the popular coronavirus became alarmingly, as it wasn’t a respecter of persons. Both young and old, rich and poor contracted and even died from the virus, especially in other parts of the world. Nigerian wasn’t left untouched as mysterious cases started coming up in the news everyday. Other parts of the world had gone lockdown, so, Nigeria decided it was time too, when the coronavirus cases in the were still few. Primary, secondary and tertiary schools closed down and sent the children home. Restaurants and bars, clubs and businesses that required physical touch were also asked to close down.

The only people allowed to work were the health and media sector. Even the markets were closed down for a while. After some months indoors, it became really hard for even the middle class families to eat. The government promised palliatives which they did not give out. Everyone was hungry. Then, they started easing the lockdown little by little, letting people out in a particular period of time, nose mask compulsory.

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Police, especially Special Anti- robbery Squad (SARS) went back to nabbing innocent youths and young citizens to extort money. That was the time the Nigerian youth voiced out. For days prior to the street protest, the trend #endsars took to social media with different citizens of Nigeria stating their horrible encounter with this force. Then, they took to the streets, stopping jobs and cars that were on their way to different places. They blocked both the major and the minor roads as they expressed their anger.

Now after some weeks, due to what happened on the twentieth of October, 2020, the discovery of stored covid19 palliatives in warehouses and the response of the government to those situations, the citizens of Nigeria are not taking chances in the 2023 elections. A competent person must take over that seat. A person that has the interest of the people at heart would lead us because we are tired of being thrown to the ground. We are tired of being helpless, we want a good life too. We want change.

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