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2020/2021 UEFA Champions League: The Journey



UEFA Champions League

The UEFA champions league which is the most watched club competition in the world has entered it’s second stage with only sixteen clubs ready to go against each other to fight for the 2020/2021 championship glory.

UEFA Champions League

The competition started off with thirty-two teams placed in eight groups, going against each other to surpass the point to qualify after four to five matches in the groups stage.

In this competition, new clubs from minor leagues were introduced to experience how competitive the game can get. Clubs like Mitjylland from the Netherland league and other new leagues were introduced. Newly promoted clubs in Series A and the likes also made it to the champions league. After a tough group stage competition, with every team improving and giving their vest in every match, Bayern Munich, Leipzig, PSG, Juventus, Barcelona, Liverpool, Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid and eight other clubs qualified for the round of sixteen (the next stage).

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Top clubs like Manchester United, Marseille and Inter millan could not produce enough points to push their teams to the next round, so, they crashed out of the championship disappointingly. However, theses clubs made the third place in the group stage, so they can still lift their spirits as they enter the race for the Europa league glory. All clubs that came third place in the champions league would have the chance to compete for the Europa league.

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The finals of the UEFA champions league would be played towards the mid of 2021, that is, in May. Before then, clubs that made it to the round of sixteen would be fixed against each other to compete for who would make it to the quarter finals.

Only eight clubs would move to the quarter finals, where they would compete against each other to get to the semi-finals which is the fourth stage of the competition. After the semis, two clubs would compete for the championship glory in the finals next year.
Bayern Munich was the last winner of the competition after a successful race.

Manchester United, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Juventus and AC millan have been favourites to win this competition, but, AC millan did not make it to this 2020/2021 champions league competition. May the best team win!

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