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NIGERIA SENATE; Twelve (12) Facts You Need to Know About The Nigeria Legislative Chamber



Nigeria Senate

Nigeria Senate

The Nigerian upper legislative chamber; The Nigeria Senate is the apex law making governmental body in Nigeria. It is bestowed with the responsibility of making laws that govern the nation.

Nigeria Senate

Below are some important facts you need to know about the Nigerian upper legislative chamber also known as the Senate:

  1. The head of the Senator is the called the Senate President, he controls and presides over everything that happens in the house. In Nigeria, the incumbent Nigeria Senate President is Ahmad Lawal Ibrahim.
  2. The second head of the Senate is the Deputy Senate President. The deputy Senate president has the power to preside over the house in absence of the Senate President. Currently, the deputy senate president is Omo-Agege Ovie.
  3. The Nigerian Senate was established in the year 1862 by the British Colonial Government.
  4. The Senate is the highest law making body in Nigeria followed by the House of Representative.
  5. As the senate is headed by the Senate President and the Deputy Senate President, so is the House of Representative headed by the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker.
  6. Both the Senate President and the Deputy Senate President are elected by the members of the house i.e. other Senators after their election in which eligible voters in the country participate.
  7. In the Nigeria Senate there are other important office holders which include; the Majority Leader, the Minority Leader, the Chief Whip and their deputies.
  8. The Senate has 109 Senate members called Senators.
  9. Each State of the federation produces 3 senators while the Federal Capital Territory gives just 1 senator making the total number of the Nigerian Senators 109.
  10. Only Nigerian citizens who more than 30 years of age are eligible to contest for the position of the Senate in election.
  11. All elected Senators spend a maximum duration of 4 years after that a fresh election is conducted to elect new members.
  12. The Senate presides over issues in the house for a minimum of 181 days in a year.
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